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The best way to contact A-1 Complete Writing and Editing's founding writer and editor (to discuss your project or for a no-obligation price quote and sample edit of your writing) is by email:

However, you are welcome to call as well.

Phone: 307.772.1741

Note: A-1 Complete Writing and Editing is now part of the Writer Network Consortium of freelance editing and book layout services, and consortium members share administrative staff. So, if you go to voice mail because administrative staff members are busy with other writers, please leave a detailed message and an A-1 Complete Writing and Editing professional will be in touch shortly.

A-1's Founding Writer and Editor

Michael McIrvin, founding writer and editor of A-1 Complete Writing and Editing Services, holds undergraduate degrees summa cum laude in English and anthropology and a graduate degree in literary criticism. He taught university writing and literature courses for 13 years and has been a professional editor for 15 years.

Michael is also a novelist, poet, academic writer, and literary critic. He has edited hundreds of book manuscripts (fiction, nonfiction, academic), as well as many hundreds of theses and dissertations in a wide variety of topic areas (architectural engineering, philosophy, education, IT, business, finance, history, literary criticism, geology, psychology, and many others). He has also edited training manuals, business documents, software manuals, websites, academic and technical journal articles, and many other texts.

A-1 Complete Writing and Editing's other editors and writing consultants have equivalent credentials that you will be apprised of should your work be assigned to someone other than Michael. You will always get the editor you believe best suited to work on your project

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A-1's professional writers and editors will help you with any writing project. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Contact: For your free initial consultation and price quote please contact our founding writer and editor at mcirvinm@earthlink.net

For more information, visit our website pages that address your specific writing and editing project needs.

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Assigning an Editor to your Project

While Michael's experience with language is admittedly uncharacteristically broad, all of A-1's editors have advanced degrees in a writing field, university teaching experience, publications of their own, and at least a decade of editing experience before going freelance.

If Michael must hand-off your project to another editor because his own schedule is full, you can rest assured that the editor will be a specialist in the required field. At A-1, your editor will have the appropriate experience for your writing project needs: business editors for business projects, academic editors for academic projects, creative writing editors for your book manuscript, and etc.

Professional Editing Services

Payment for editorial services can be made via PayPal.com.

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